custom movie props and customized nerf guns


Custom Warhammer 40k Bolter Pistol


This one is almost done, I just need to add a few more details to finish it up! The custom magazine is a functional with 6 rounds capacity 🙂

For the Emperor!


Trigun Longcolt Complete

Here’s the newest Longcolt for any Trigun Fans out there! I ended up having to use aluminum pipe to support the cylinder. I also threw out the crummy nut and bolt hardware for the frame’s pivot point. It’s all fixed in place now, but it looks a lot better and it’s a hell of a lot more secure for handling 🙂

I’m ready to get after another one if anyone’s interested. Thanks!




Custom N7 Rayven progress


Thought I’d also share the custom Rayven I’m doing for fun. The front grip is from a NERF hornet secured with the rail adaptor sourced from a stampede shield. The scope is from an airsoft kit.

If this one interests anyone, let me know because it’s going to need a home next week 🙂


Pulse Rifle nears completion!


What a difference some paint magic does, amiright?

I’ll have it finished up tomorrow do expect some finished photos soon!


Final prep on the Pulse Rifle!


I can’t wait to get primer on these! Just a quick shot to show before-after 🙂


A Faire to remember


So I did my first public show yesterday at the Orlando Mini-Maker’s Faire. I brought out a bunch of stuff and really had a great time sharing them with a lot of great people. If you were one of those kind souls, thank you for your interest and patience as I figured out how to answer 3 peoples questions at one time 🙂 I think I’ll be better prepared for whatever’s next – thanks for being a part of the event!

My thanks to the great folks who put on the event, it was so well organized. I hope I’ll always see that kind of professionalism (that might be wishful thinking, hehe)

All the Best,





Custom Sneakers?


So I was looking around online and saw some really cool shoe designs. I also thought I might be able to do something cool with my painting skills 🙂 This was just a really rough sketch with some highlighter and dry erase markers, but hopefully the idea is there for the panels on the shoe. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions, I’d appreciate it!