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District 9 Themed Weapons!

I’ve had some interest in District 9 props lately, so here’s a few new and old projects to show a few that I’ve worked on. Hope they’re looking good, the rifle will be done soon 🙂



Foam Melee Props

Hey guys!

So I have been testing paint on foam for some big projects later this year. As a result, I think I have found a good formula to make the these foam weapons “realistic” and pretty durable. Some extended testing will be done, but I feel confident that if you need a cool prop for your convention persona, these should work great.

Email me if you have any interest in placing an order, thanks!


Here’s some photos of the before and after!





Custom Longshot progress

Here’s a few photos of a project in working on. One is the just the gun, the other is a result of me goofing around in photoshop. I thought you guys might enjoy checking them out. To be clear, this is not in the game, I just thought it looked like it could fit 🙂