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Storm Trooper themed Nerf rifle is near completion! Woot!

It’s getting close! The trigger guard it in place and now just assembly and some more detail work now that I know I won’t mess it up fiddling about 🙂

Sharpie marker will not be included with the blaster rifle! 🙂



Storm Trooper trigger guard getting installed


So I finally got a chance to finish shaping the trigger guard. Now I just need to cement it in and add epoxy putty to blend the spot that meets at the grip. I’ll then be ready to do final assembly and then we can see just how mean this beast looks! 🙂


So close to finished! :)


This photo was from Wednesday, right before I caught the most exciting cold ever, heh. I finally got to cut and shape the trigger guard and that will be the last bit to go on before assembly and finishing. Tune in to morrow!