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Lighting test on the Longshot


This was just an idea I decided to try out. Feel free to let me know if you like the look – also potentially with green lighting instead of the white/blue in the photo. Thanks!

Steampunk Longshot Progress

Just a few photos from tonight’s work. This one is starting to look nice and broken-in 🙂

The others are just a few other projects that also got some attention. More on those soon!






Lanard X8 Custom complete


Added an extended barrel for accuracy, coupled with an early laser heating system to give almost instant steam power. To keep it streamlined, the water reservoir is hidden inside the insulated hand grip.

And it looks cool, even if all that stuff is completely untrue 🙂


Just a bunch of spray painted NERF guns?

I hear that every so often, so here are a few of the upcoming steampunk revolvers (and a slide-action scout). I hope these will satisfy the folks yearning for more embellishments 🙂



Building some steam…


So I had some parts sitting about and I decided to see if I could make a steam tank. This was just a fitting, but it’s looking just the way I envisioned it 🙂 I think it will really be difficult to recognize this as a foam dart gun, when it’s complete. Thanks for having a look and feel free to subscribe for more stuff like this!


Clay skull accent for “Iron sides” Maverick


I wanted to add a little something to the mav, so I made a clay skull from the mold I made a while back. I still have to detail the eyes a bit, they need little pupils. Maybe made of small rubies or Swarovski “diamonds”. Just a little sparkle 🙂

Back to some Steampunk stuff!

Tonight’s photos are a mix-match of topics, but the one I’m really getting into is the Longstrike based Steampunk Rifle. I worked on it last night for about 3 hours and completed most of one side.  Embellishments will be added later and weathered to match the rest of the gun. The photos don’t show the recon extension, but that will also be painted to match the rest of the gun. I hope I kept close enough to the core SP colors to make the loyalists happy.

Enjoy the photos and I will have some much better quality shots from the DSLR in the next few days!

A gray variant of the N7 Stampede. I used a smaller decal for the N7 this time, partly to avoid the poorly located screw hole on the reverse side. Definitely check out the larger photos that I’ll be posting soon, they show the weathering and I think you guys will dig the look 🙂

A little weathering practice for a District 9 gun I’ve been working on for the past 3-4 weeks. I felt weird taking brand new plugs and making them look nasty

My latest TV Show “Firefly” Lemat pistol is getting closer to being done. I have more work on the main body, but the grips are basically done and I’m happy with how they came out. One photo shows the resin gun with the Denix metal Lemat that was apparently used for making the kit. The 2045 on the original is still visible on the cast 🙂

Grip detail

Metal prop vs my resin casting.  I did a small amount of painting on the Denix grips

Progress on a grenade prop also from Firefly


Last night’s progress

Steampunk Longstrike
from last week..

Progress made last night

I’m making a gauge with one of the decals. I’m not sure if it will be one of these or the others provided by Christopher Glas at Check out his sweet Carbon Fiber Longstrike he made a while back. It’s very cool 😉 If anyone visiting knows a source for cheap steam punk appropriate bits and gauges, please shoot me a message, I’d really appreciate it!

This baby isn’t going to get painted, but it’s going to be a lifesaver as it gets colder (yes, I’m a Floridian and 50F or lower is cold after hours of exposure, hehe.


My sincere thanks for visiting my site.  You guys make this all worth the long hours.  Without you I would not get the enjoyment I do, so thank you.  🙂  I’ll hopefully have my kidney stone passed soon and I’ll be back to full-speed, heh.