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Mobile Update!

Hey folks! Been on the run this week so in leu of having a full blog update I will be posting photos from the iP4. Sorry for the quality, but I’ll get the DSLR versions up as soon as possible 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any commission work I can help with. This includes unfinished resin replicas!

All the Best,











Praxis and Proton obtained!

I hope you all are finding your own Vortex guns at the local stores, I know I’m seeing people posting on Facebook with their “early” finds.  I managed to grab a Proton and Praxis after work and have spent part of the evening shooting my walls with little green frizbees 🙂  I took a few photos of them in stock form so no shocking spy photos here, but I figured I better post a few just in case you haven’t found better ones already online.

They shoot great and I think they’ll make great props.  Expect to see them worked into the schedule next week.  Let the spring and screw losing being!


So I really like the packaging on the new guns.  I expect more from the dart guns now.  I do not want to be able to touch the gun before I open the box! 🙂

The Praxis – the cocking mechanism seems to delay shooting the next round for just a fraction of a second, but maybe I’m just imagining things…still love the gun and it’s design. For the price I kinda expected some scope that would compliment the gun. Ah well…just gotta buy the big daddy for that bit of kit 🙂

The Proton – It’s small, but it’s awesome in my opinion. using the little side levers to load the disk makes me smile for some weird reason. I’m going to have fun with this one for sure 🙂

Bonus photo of some post-apocalyptic weaponry for a Fallout style costume

More photos soon – lots of new stuff 🙂