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Vera 2.0 – Nerf Edition :)

She’s finally finished, folks! As with many of my creations, this was built over a functioning nerf recon body. There are many differences if you go to fine details, but the “look and feel” have been pretty well preserved. I’m not sure anyone has the wallet to build a CNC’ed version of this, but feel free to prove me wrong, lol. I hope you all approve and will look forward to 3.0 when my Dad is ready to tackle another one of these beauties 🙂

Just to give the proper credit to a very talented builder, the images we worked from are of an airsoft replica called “Alice” made by a UK resident named “Joe F” who goes by JoaTrash. His metal version is something to behold and I hope you’ll have a look:

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Storm Trooper trigger guard getting installed


So I finally got a chance to finish shaping the trigger guard. Now I just need to cement it in and add epoxy putty to blend the spot that meets at the grip. I’ll then be ready to do final assembly and then we can see just how mean this beast looks! 🙂