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Warhammer 40k Long Las inspired Nerf Longstrike

Insanely hot day today, but I was busy cleaning up the shop and finishing up a few things (guns mebbe?). Wanted to share a few pictures, but they’ll get the final photos as soon as the decals arrive.

First gun is a modified Nerf Longstrike. I added the barrels to the front for a buddy who needed a Long Las style gun for his WH group. I’m hoping he’ll be happy with how it comes out. The decals are in bright gold so they should look really cool withthe dark background. This was a really fun gun to build, so I may just have to do more body mods in the future…maybe on a Vera gun..hmm. 🙂




This next photo is one you’ll think you’ve seen before, but this is a twin of the red N7 Stampede I posted not too long ago. I did change up the weathering a bit, to make it unique hopefully. Just needs those dang decals. Hurry up USPS!


Thanks for visiting and let me know if I can help ya with any projects you’re working on!


To a good home: District 9 Style Super 48 Gun Prop

Special Edition post tonight! I’m putting up my favorite rifle which also happens to be the second oldest gun that I held on to (a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do..) but now I it needs a good home. If any of you guys are interested, I urge ya to check out my eBay page. It may not last long, but regardless, here’s some photos of the finished gun. Thanks and seeya back here soon!


Ebay Listing Here! –>

and here’s some photos!







REVIEW TIME!! Max Force “Terrornator” by Jakks Pacific

Ok, you all have probably heard about the new line of guns, by now, but have you had a chance to see one?  They are very nice and sturdy, not sloppy like a lot of the lower priced brands.

So you want  to know more about it, eh?  I’ll do my best to convey in words my thoughts on these new takes on the “tagger” gun concept.  This particular model is called the “Terrornator”.   It’s a cool name, that Strong Bad would be proud of. 🙂

First, a word from our sponsor 🙂

“If you think back, first there was Laser Tag, then there was Nerf and now there is MAX FORCE.  Safer than Airsoft BB’s and cooler than foam dart shooters, Max Force is going to be one of the hottest, most innovative new products this Summer!  It is a line of fun, irreverent toy shooters that delivers high performance in a safe way.

Max Force™ from JAKKS Pacific is the newest line of specialized high performance, toy shooters that deliver maximum distance, maximum accuracy and maximum tagging – for both indoor and outdoor play!  Max Force delivers innovation in the toy shooter aisle – it fires special patent pending paper pellets that can accurately reach targets up to 100 feet away! The extreme accuracy of the Max Force line allows you to tag your target with a variety of items specially designed for any combat scenario. As a BONUS – Ammo wipes off easily and is even biodegradable!

Remember shooting spitballs as a kid?  What would YOU have done with a toy shooter that blasts out paper spitballs with high accuracy?!  The possibilities are endless, the distance is unrivaled, and the fact that you can actually SEE the precision of your shot is amazing.”


Yep, when I got the email I almost deleted it when I saw what looked like a canned promo.  Luckily the promo interested me so I read on.  I then got a bit excited when the sender asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of the guns…and I got to have a gun.  Yes.  I would like that kinda a lot.

So I got the gun the other day and had to wait a bit for some sun to shine for the photos.  The photos below are ones I took, if you didn’t recognize the gravel pattern from other gun photos 😉

So the gun comes with:

  • Some sporty glasses.  Wear em or something else.  I’ll explain later.
  • A huge honkin gun with a detachable stock.
  • A belt to hold de bullets.
  • A functional scope.  No glass, but because the gun is pretty accurate, it’s helpful.
  • 100 pellet bullets
  • Holder for said bullets

I don’t know the price-point, but it’s a pretty good bundle.  I think I’m going to end up with a lot of glasses laying about the shop.. Not sure how much the ammo is, but I can tell you it’s not reuseable.  Hopefully they’re affordable.  Hopefully they make different colors like paintballs so you can see who shot whom.

The gun itself is about 2 1/2 feet long by my scientific estimations (I forgot to measure it..) It’s similar to a Longshot from the other guys, but it’s more slender and tactical feeling.  I mentioned earlier, it’s sturdy and the plastic looks good.  I wonder if it will hold paint well..hmm.  😉

Here’s a photo for ya:

Purdy, eh?  The other guns in the line look even better.  I like it and think it will look pretty cool once I have some paint on it.  It’ll pop up on the site eventually, promise!

So how does it shoot?  Well, first of all let’s discuss the ammo itself.  They’re compressed paper and when you load the ammo, you do it dry.  Once it’s in the belt, you then dunk it in water for 10 seconds to absorb the H2O into the pellets.  This also creates a nice seal.  So now you know what you’re shooting and you know why these are not going back into the holder.  They’re giant spitballs, people!!  WIN!

The gun shoots very smoothly and there is no trigger to pull.  the pellet is shot as you pump the gun and because its so smooth, you can shoot them pretty fast.  Reloads, not so fast, but you have a lot of rounds and Im sure they will sell the belts seperately.  Distances were pretty accurate at 100 feet.  I will say it’s equal to a lot of modified tagger dart guns out there and this thing will not break every round or blow a seal. 🙂

Other photo!
So that’s all I have to say about the gun, I hope you get a chance to check them out in the stores.  I’m certain they will be a big hit.


Go here for more official infoz: – promo video!  Man that looks like the 80’s 😉





Tweet Time!

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