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Pulse Rifle nears completion!


What a difference some paint magic does, amiright?

I’ll have it finished up tomorrow do expect some finished photos soon!


HALO Rayven is complete!


Here’s the suppressed combo showing in the photo, but there many other ways to load out the gun including the 18rd “glow” magazine and also a 6rd mag that just looks cool, but not really fuctional for a semi auto. I hope you guys like her and she’s a rare one that doesn’t have a home yet, if you have any interest. Thanks!



NERF Rayven Duo


I got a lot done tonight, despite the cold weather we’re seeing here in the south. Each gun still has work left to be done, but I figured it was best to let them sit overnight to dry.

I hope they’re looking good/appropriate for their respective themes!


Heavy Barrel Pulse Shotgun


This project is using the body of a shot last and the stock off a praxis. The M16 magazine is a stand-in for whatever will go there eventually. Being a supersoaker, there is no trigger, but I’ll add one for athestetics as the build progresses.


HALO style pistol with rubberized grips


Weathered up this scout and decided to try out my new rubber coating. It’s designed for dipping so applying with a brush was a bit tricky. After a few tries I think it came out cool and properly weathered to match the rest of the gun. It feels good too, like there’s actually something other thank plastic in your hand 🙂

Just a few more small details and it’s ready to ship out to its new Spartan owner!