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Steampunk Rifle Finished

So it’s finally done!  Whew.  I lost track of the time spent on this one, but I couldn’t be happier with how it came out.  I borrowed a little DNA from Fallout 3 and Borderlands and then blended them into a steampunk theme that I hope will make you folks happy.

 I’ll have more photos of the gun in action soon, but here’s a shot from last night just to give you guys a glimpse of it 🙂


Thank you all sincerely for following this build.  It was a blast to get more creative with the add-ons and custom parts.  I hope to do more of this in the future 🙂



Brian Johnson

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Lighting test on the Longshot


This was just an idea I decided to try out. Feel free to let me know if you like the look – also potentially with green lighting instead of the white/blue in the photo. Thanks!

Steampunk Longshot Progress

Just a few photos from tonight’s work. This one is starting to look nice and broken-in 🙂

The others are just a few other projects that also got some attention. More on those soon!