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Sometimes you just need a grenade


So, in my free time (ha!), I decided to work on a grenade. Seemed logical at the time. I had some plastic grenades left from a project, so I paired them up to LEDs and a bit of epoxy clay. This is the result 🙂 I think it looks pretty cool and I hope you guys enjoy. If anyone’s interested in one or a few, please let me know. I have a lot of other styles to try out, hehe.






Stainless steel cylindered Maverick


So I decided to re-do the standard cylinders that taper a bit. I intend to sleeve each barrel with a brass sleeve to seal the darts better. I’m not sure that the color will stay this way, it was just a painted shell I used as a stand-in. I hope it improves the look of the blaster. The barrels certainly added some nice weight to it of nothing else 🙂


Building some steam…


So I had some parts sitting about and I decided to see if I could make a steam tank. This was just a fitting, but it’s looking just the way I envisioned it 🙂 I think it will really be difficult to recognize this as a foam dart gun, when it’s complete. Thanks for having a look and feel free to subscribe for more stuff like this!


The Sky Captain’s Sidearm


Just finished up on this maverick tonight (except for cleaning up the base of the grip!) and wanted to see what you guys thought of the colors. Thanks for taking a look and I’ll have the DSLR photos up tomorrow!


Ironsides nears completion!


Just have to paint the grip and add some bits and pieces and it’s done! I hope the accents will look appropriate when it’s done. 🙂


Steampunk rifle at 90%!


Just an update on the longstrike. I shoulda kept this one 🙂


Wooden Nerf Maverick!


Ok, it’s not done, but here’s the first photo of the wooden Maverick with a steampunk feel to it. More depth to be added to the paint, but it’s coming along. I’m starting to like doing the wood finishes! Muahaha 😀