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Custom Longshot progress

Here’s a few photos of a project in working on. One is the just the gun, the other is a result of me goofing around in photoshop. I thought you guys might enjoy checking them out. To be clear, this is not in the game, I just thought it looked like it could fit 🙂




Rayven is ready for the new scheme!


Although I like the regular tactical look this has, I’m really excited to get the paint on this gun as it will be much more interesting to look at 🙂 The Mass Effect Valkyrie. The red power button will look more appropriate once thing are done just if anyone wondered 🙂

HALO style Nerf Praxis and Element

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (Those in the US, of course, but we can all take a day to give thanks for what he have, ay?)

I’m working on a lot of new stuff, but here’s a few photos to give you guys a look. Let me know what you think!


Nerf Element Film Prop in progress


My side project 😉



test lighting

and here’s a bonus photo of the Mass Effect 2 M5 Phalanx resin kit. Still a bit to do, but it’s getting there!


aaand here’s a photo of the second almost finished Firefly pistol. Darker grips on this one compared to the first.




Stuff that I found cool: The N7 Rifle from Mass Effect 3 by Volpin Props

Harrison Krix and his team made this awesome prop for Bioware’s Comic-con booth. They made it in about 2 weeks. Incredible work 🙂 Have a look, there’s even a speed video of some weathering of another very cool Mass Effect gun.

Check it out here!