custom movie props and customized nerf guns’s Charity N7 Stampede is Complete

I was contacted a few months ago by Joseph Valenti, a member of the crew over at (G33kwatch).  He had seen the red N7 Stampede on Etsy and inquired about me donating a gun to their charity event on November  25-27th of this year.   While I’m always eager to help when I can, I did at first honestly think “Couldn’t he have seen a Scout or a Maverick that he really liked?”   Heh.   So I put on my detective hat and did some googling to see if this was legit or an attempt to score a free gun.   Well, I found more than enough info to know they were legit and in fact really was impressed with the amount of work they did for Child’s Play (a charity branch of Penny Arcade).  After seeing what THEY were doing, I felt compelled to more forward with making another rifle for their auction.  I hope it will be a good addition to the really amazing stuff also being auctioned off during the event.  Check it out here:


Ok, I hope I made sense with that, I’m currently sporting the latest flu bug that’s sweeping the southeast.  If I got any of the info wrong, I’ll ammend it as soon as I realize the error 🙂


Alright!  On with the photos…





3 responses

  1. Fantastic job for a great cause!

    October 22, 2011 at 3:38 pm

  2. Pingback: Mass Effect N7 Nerf Maverick | Game Architecture

    • Great job on that mav, Martin! Keep up the great work!

      May 16, 2012 at 6:09 pm

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