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New Lanard X8 projects starting – Mass Effect Stampedes almost done!

Hey Folks! Spent a good part of the day getting things packed up and almost finished up the Stampedes and Long Las rifle. It was still humid as all hell, but I got a lot done inside where it was still pretty dry. It will get better and the month moves along, which will be a great thing for paint drying! If you have any interest in doing a commissioned piece, feel free to contact me. I’ll be ready for the next batch of stuff later this week. Thanks and enjoy the WIP photos from today!


I did another one of these Otter Boxes for a photographer friend on I did it for almost cost, mainly because they’ll be able to tell me how well the finish puts up with daily use. I hope it does well so I can offer some other colors.

Recently I did a little Buck Rogers-styled squirt gun for my Dad. For my Brother I decided to do something along the same lines, but this time around I went with a tiny cap gun revolver. I guess I just think the little guns are cool to display without taking up much room. I’m sure they appreciate that aspect of the gifts 🙂

Altoid can got too close to the paint table 😉

Stampede Akimbo action! These are almost done, just waiting for the PO to deliver the custom decals.

The first one of these Lanard X8s that I did got a lot of attention, probably due to the rarity of the gun. These are tough to find in stores, especially in states that don’t have the chains where they’re sold. You can find them online, but they’re usually marked up 2-300% (retail is about 9-10.00). This is also the same for the Lanard X6. Here’s some WIP photos showing the removal of the rear hammer guard. It takes a bit of patience to get them shaved off without a lot of rough edges, but if you take your time it can come out looking pretty cool.

Ready for the knife!

Before and after – next comes the filler for those huge holes!

Sanded and then filled in the recess where “Made in China” was stamped. I also filled the mold dimples. After all this is sanded and made stock looking I will take the guns apart to paint the trigger, barrel, and also the cocking mechanism under the handle. That should be tomorrow if the filler has dried completely.

Thanks again for visiting – email me if you need anything!

2 responses

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for the Lanard Rotator X-8 walkthrough! I’ve only now just found this beaut (of course within a week before DragonCon), and I really want to get my hands on some and tart them up something fierce. I can’t seem to find them ANYWHERE in the south cali (San Diego) area.

    Keep up the wonderful work!
    ~Gnobrin (Twitter & Tumblr)

    September 9, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    • You’re welcome! Ya, I get them from a guy in the northeast, no stores in Flordia sell them as best I’ve been able to find. Good luck in your search and there’s always Amazon, but those are priced 3x the normal $10 cost.

      September 10, 2011 at 4:19 am

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